Friday, January 9, 2009

Giving-In to Winter

Forego alarm, and coffee
as scheduled. Linger
under five quilts and flannel.
Sun’s up at seven, or later
if umbered clouds batten
the horizon. Sleep.

Maybe, tea at ten. Toast.
An egg, basted.

Break for lunch: humble soup
steamed and gleaming from a spoon.

A nap. A book.
Wine at four. Refill
at six. O gentle supper!
O macaroni and cheese!

Relinquish the chard,
the lonely carrot, the beet.
Sip warm milk, fragrant with almond.

Goodnight at eight, turn off the phone.
It’s a snore and a cuddle
for as many hours as it takes
until spring.


  1. OMG, this is fabulous......I will read it over and over as I bask in the 80 degree (VERY tiresome) weather here, wondering whether (or should I say "weather") or not to turn on the air conditioner! How I long for snow!!! Seriously, this is January for chrissakes! Enough already! Tomorrow should be a better 56 degrees....if only! I will gladly put on my sweatshirt and call it a winter day. Hrrmph!

  2. I like this a lot: the "umbered clouds batten/the horizon" move is great because its such an isolated moment in the details of daily life. & it's always good to see someone get macaroni & cheese into a poem.

    Nice work.

  3. I still say its good that we got out from under the quilts and flannel to get our butts up to the gym.

  4. Exactly!

    And to Ima Wizer, I can hear the really tiny violins playing. No snow now, just the early and complete darkness.