Monday, May 21, 2007

Everything Antler

Antlers galore here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Antler wine racks, antler shot glasses, antlers on t-shirts and pajamas and baby blankets and dish towels and soap and chocolate. Haven't yet seen antlers on toilet paper but that could just mean I haven't searched enough. There is not, however, a surfeit of coffee shops. Not even a Starbucks, although Starbucks coffee seems to be offered as the brew of choice in restaurants. They (Starbucks) even seem to have cornered the market on in-room hotel coffee.....but, alas, I digress. There is even an arch in the park made of antlers, through which one can walk. There are no antlers in our room at the Wort Hotel, which has a Pottery-Barn-Meets-Annie-Oakley kind of theme. Lots of rough-hewn wood and a king-sized-bed mounded with pillows, one of which has a leather flap and fringe. Oh, and a large
stuffed bear. (Not an actual bear. A toy bear. The bear is a bit too cute.) (Although I did encounter an actual stuffed bear in town, and directly above my head at this moment in the hotel lobby is a stuffed buffalo head. Damn, it's massive.)

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