Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We took a low-key (non Greyhound) tour of areas
devastated by Katrina this afternoon, including
the Lower Ninth Ward. All I can say, at this point,
is that I am profoundly silenced by what I've seen.
I also finished the Billy Sothern book, Down in
New Orleans, and feel beat up, and I have no right
to feel beat up. I enjoy a comfortable life, I have
a home, I am on vacation. When I started talking
to a gallery owner here about my experiences
this afternoon, she said, "Oh, don't be sad! I used to live
in the Ninth Ward. Did you see my house...."
And then she started to cry, wiped her eyes.
Our tour guide (who showed us her destroyed home)
said the best thing people like us ("us" meaning those 
in the van) can do to help is to spend money -- and lots of it,
in this town. Okay. That we can do.


  1. bring me $100.00's of fresh beignets.
    feeling so much compassion for you and all mankind.

  2. I forgot to mention I will pay for them:)) and eat them:))

  3. Ha ha. Aren't you funny.
    We're on our way to Texas now.
    Shall I same-day air some to you?!
    (probably cost as much to ship as to buy)
    fyi, that's 150 beignets....
    (this comment is from T. not Paul!)