Monday, June 14, 2010

Tuesday Poem: Cake with Flute

Clang of pan

against lilt of Mozart.

Flour, scoop, and measure, measure.

Buttercream vibrato, vanilla harmony.

Egg whip. Trill.

Three, four.

Three fourths cup of milk

to whisk. And soda,

powder. Rising,

rising, up the scale. Note

the heat now. Allegro,

hotter. One quick breath

and mix with grace

notes. Honey that milk

for all it's worth.

--for Nelson, at ten

©T. Clear

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  1. I love this--doesn't cooking create great poetic material? Must be the process aspect!

  2. I see you've found the muse; she's been in the kitchen, after all. (grin) I love "buttercream vibrato." Mozart in an apron.


  3. This one's great!!

    Love your classy new look! And glad you kept the cool green!