Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Market

There are less than a dozen vendors at the Westport
Saturday market, which takes place on the banks
of the Carrowbeg River. Two of the vendors live just up
the road from us: Carrowholly Cheese (the nettle cheese
is our favorite), produce from Liam and baked breads
from his wife Lilly. It's all a bit sleepy and very relaxed.
Easy. A couple of jewelers, a man stamping leather for
belts and keychains, a collection of birdhouses, someone
selling salmon, another vendor selling garden plants.
All the root vegetables appropriately mucky.

The butcher at McCormick's stuffed a pork tenderloin
for me and tried to talk me into some lamb, and I'm
hesitant but willing to give it a try. He said the soil
here in County Mayo has a lot of limestone in it, which
gives the lamb a unique flavor. I've never been one for
gamey meats, ever since my older brother came home
from hunting when I was about twelve with a deer/elk
strapped to the bumper of his pick-up, and my mother
proclaimed, "well, there's our meat for the winter!"


  1. I have had excellent lamb in my adult life. Surprising, because as a kid, mom use to serve up the most gamey crap. Cook it rare - it's best. Give it try!

  2. Hello - I came by from Karen's lovely blog BBQ - pleased to 'meet' you! :)

    Love those teapots in your header, and all these gorgeous photos from the market. The colours of veggies are just so mmm - pretty on the eye, and rather tasty too!

  3. I've never heard of lamb described as 'gamey'. Lamb is sweet and tender; my favourite meat (along with beef, pork, and chicken).

    The market looks very tempting.

  4. We went to our Farmer's Market yesterday morning also, which also has about a dozen local vendors. I'm mirroring you, obviously.

    We bought eggs and bread and tomatoes. Until the checks start arriving, via both forwarded mail and deposits to the account from W College, we are too broke to buy at a Farmer's Market!

    But the meat vendor - raiser - butcher, o my. I'm thinking Thanksgiving, unless we go back to NYC, which we may well do.

    The weekends here are beyond dead.

    Love, C.

  5. Cro, we're most definitely not consuming the same lamb.

    Foxessa, your "beyond dead" made me laugh! Quite a switch from NYC, I'd guess.