Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glass Breaks

It's amazing, really, that in working 40+ hours a week with glass, that more skin doesn't get cut. Today was the exception. I picked up a piece and it came apart in my hands — something that has never happened. There have been pieces that weren't properly annealed at the factory and literally exploded in my co-worker's face (luckily, no injuries!) and pieces that have spontaneously cracked while being worked on, which is unnerving but not really dangerous. But this one was different, and produced a nasty slice at the base of my thumb which produced a prodigious amount of blood, even after being bandaged.

And was followed by another disintegration, this time by a martini glass, which had been wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap, and tipped off the shelf, slowly, gently, and should have resulted in a bounce, but instead there was a gentle tinkling and bye-bye went the martini.

Not a good day for glass.

It's less than six weeks until the Bellevue Arts Fair, and we'll be exhibiting/selling once again. As usual, I haven't a clue how we're going to get from today to the last weekend in July considering the thick stack of orders to be filled prior to prepping for our big retail show, but, as usual, we'll pull it off.

Did someone mention summer?


  1. T. I couldn't get into your previous posting because of a warning on my screen! It said that it contained material from davidmashton.blogspot.com which was known to contain malware, and that if I was to open your page my computer would be infected.

    Do you know anything about this?

  2. Cro, that's so very strange!! I don't know a thing about it.

  3. It seems whenever I break glass is quickly followed by one or two more than nothing for months. Why is that? Another mystery of the universe.

  4. I've just remembered that I did comment on that last post.... I'm now very CONFUSED! I'd love to look-up davidmashton... but fear the gremlins!

  5. regarding the malware -- someone got the same response when trying to comment on my blog. She told me it means there is a link in my blog that is connected to a blog that may contact malware, but I haven't the foggiest notion of where it is. I'd delete the link if I could. And, David's blog is Snow Branches and is quite lovely. I'll contact him about the message.

    T., sorry about your thumb! And the breaking. I broke a martini glass the other night, but hardly the same kind of situation as yours.