Saturday, September 15, 2012


Evidence of a lingering recession is ubiquitous here on the Oregon Coast: empty storefronts, closed restaurants. And yet a friendliness abides in every encounter with locals, decidedly different from the reserved nature of many Seattleites.

My hopes were high that this visit would supplant my constant desire to return to Ireland — there is so much to love on this rugged coast, and, well, I can drive here, for significantly less $$$. But it hasn't happened.

A fresh trigger fired this morning when a facebook friend I haven't seen for 30 years posted from Westport, Ireland —everything flooded back.

It's our last day here, and we'll go beach walking in a blue mist. I'll love this stretch of Pacific coast for what gifts it does offer — massive wave-tumbled logs, volcanic rock outcroppings, mussel beds, spouting horns — a drama quite its own and strikingly beautiful, but it's not the west coast of Ireland.


  1. I'm dying to visit the Pacific Northwest -- I've never been anywhere north of CA. There's a wonderful article in this month's Sunset Magazine about great beaches in Oregon.

  2. I too have travelled in California, but have longed to travel the Oregon coast since I saw many years ago a magnificent photograph of some tall ( I think Sequoia/Redwoods) shrouded in mist standing guard over a deserted beach in Oregon. I hear the surf is good too and uncrowded but one needs a good warm wetsuit. Probably no colder than surfing in Christchurch at times though I imagine.

  3. The photos you have shown us are equal to, if not better (with the exception of the horses -- where are the horses?????) than the ones in Ireland.

    Thank you!

    Love, C,

  4. It sounds as if you are being called across the sea...