Sunday, February 16, 2014

Left Out —

The James Fenimore Cooper volume, abandoned to the elements —
Made blurry not only by the trick of a filter, but by the persistent rain loosening the ink on the decades-old pages —
And a red wagon —

I walked around the winter garden this afternoon just as a new storm was moving in, taking stock. I repaired the fence with bits of wire and hung up a bird feeder blown down in a voluminous wind. Snowdrops were up, pushed through the autumn leafage.

Afterwards, I came in to see this short film, making the rounds on facebook. If you've yet to see it, it's worth the four minutes of your time. How massive is our footprint in comparison to a population of deer in Yellowstone, and how profound the impact has been on the entire ecology in that patch of earth just by a shift in the numbers of a single species.


  1. Stunning T, it's all about balance and the cycle of life something to which I firmly believe in. Thank you for sharing this, me thinks I'll be doing the same.

  2. Wow. That short film was amazing. Thank you.

  3. I saw the film on FB but didn't watch it,, so thank you for posting! It is fascinating. I wonder, how is James Fenimore Cooper changing the ecosystem of your garden?

    1. Tara, I must go out and check underneath the JFC. Maybe there are slug eggs.