Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blog Post

One of my sisters complained this week re: my dearth of blog posts, of late. She said I needed some drama, something to write about.

I will say that the past three-month period has been, by far, the most calm period of the past fifteen years. A little weird to settle in-to, but I'm likin' it. Don't need no drama. (Although a little spice would suffice, say, maybe a quarter teaspoon or so.)

But here we are, another spring, another year of ripping the bindweed from the garden. My son and I filled the giant yard waste bin this morning, trimmings from the apple tree mostly, the tree that produces about a half dozen maggoty fruits. I think I like it better for its accumulation of lichen than anything else, and the birds that roost in its branches. Oh, and the short-lived blossoms. And the shade it provides for my kitty graveyard.

There's a hazelnut tree, a volunteer from, I'm guessing, a nut buried by a squirrel. The squirrels also harvest all the nuts. Alas, a the meager yield from my two-tree orchard.

I wish there were still surprises to be found in my garden, but I think those days are past. Once I found two Spanish coins while digging, and they were worth about two cents. Snails are recent migrants, and because their shells are so beguiling, I can forgive their slugginess.

But every plant, every weed has been seen before. Is this what happens when we age? I like to keep parts of my garden a little feral, so as to invite the unexpected. Maybe I need to tunnel into the ivy-rose bramble beneath the fir tree, where the cats hide. Maybe that's where I'll find something worth unearthing, some rusty hinge or remnant of fence that quietly tells its story.


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  2. Just the every day marvels of breathing in and breathing out....

  3. After two months of sinus infection winter imprisonment, followed by nearly two more months of winter imprisonment due to the broken elbow -- because it was so cold, snowy and icy, there was material danger of falling again and further injury -- I was more than happy to have a departure from routine and new scenes to look at -- and finally socializing again. I think I was forgetting how to talk to anyone other than el V. All my communications with others was via typing!

    Refreshed I am ready to get Out and Do Things. But -- winter returned when we did. Currently down in the 20's, with snow predicted for tomorrow and Wednesday. Will this winter EVER end?

    Love, C.