Thursday, May 1, 2014

Balmy (Not Barmy)

It's been a rare sizzling spring day here today, 84 degrees still and the sun just set. A feeling like somehow I've missed something, that I'm ten years old and summer slipped by in just a few hours and I didn't notice. Like I was supposed to have some required amount of fun, and I failed. And so to make up for it I'll stay up late, windows and doors flung open to the evening's sonorous buzz.


  1. You've conjured for me that unique feeling -- and it's hot here, too, in southern California!

  2. You don't half paint with your words.

  3. Hey -- I felt that way, also. Like I should have been having a whole lot more fun, with this abnormal and record warmth -- but when I flung open all windows possible about 10 pm, and alleviated my soul -- smile -- I sorta had a quiet great time! Hope you did, too!