Thursday, June 19, 2014

In Clouds

I laid on my balcony tonight and watched clouds, something I haven't done in I-don't-know-how-long. Rain rolling in, a quick clipped wind, the undersides of leaves flashing white.

How easy it was, though, while lying there, to feel part of the larger world, an inhabitant of a larger planet with atmospheric shifts occurring right there above me. So good to visually step out of the small world of day-to-day, that downward focus that snares us in and keeps us from expanding our vision outward.

How long has it been since you laid down on the earth and spent time looking up?

(I had a notion that clouds would be fascinating seen through binoculars, but I was mistaken. )


  1. Oh I do love the clouds. When you have kids looking at the sky all the time, the clouds become part of your family -- that's the way it is with us. My youngest daughter personalizes them and greets them every day. This is a wonderful small post, noticing the huge sky and the world we belong to. Yes to clouds! And it reminds me of Siobhan Harvey's poetry too -- because she has a special relationship to clouds as well.

    1. Michelle, perhaps the last time I laid on my back looking at clouds was when my boys were younger. How wonderful that your daughter greets them every day!