Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Daily Horse Fix

I don't know the name of this lovely creature, but I caught
her eating immature blackberries, leaning way out over
the barbed wire, using her lips to pluck. She immediately
spit them out, in an odd horsey fashion -- lots of teeth showing
and lips pulled back. I found some ripe berries, which
she oh-so-delicately and with incredible grace lifted from my
proffered palm. Another horse trotted up to the fence
to investigate and was met with aggressive nips to the neck.
Both horses quickly lost interest in me when the berry supply
dwindled...I had to walk several hundred yards down the road
to find another patch. And by then, I was yesterday's news.
I left my meager harvest on a flat stone, in muzzle-reach,
in Carrowholly sun, at noon.


  1. A gorgeous horse indeed!

    I have two friends, Debbie and Tonia, who live in Arkansas and raise Peruvian Pasos. Talk about some gorgeous horses! Their prime stallion, Favorito, is one magnificent hunk of male beauty, and he knows it. Heh, heh!

  2. T., are you trying to kill me with these horse photos?
    (verification: moommo)

  3. Stopped over from KarenG BBQ blogfest. Those horses are adorable and the blackberries look delicious. Nice to meet you! :D

  4. Here from the bbq too, and am now following. I love poetry! Come visit when you get a chance, and also check out Rose & Thorn Journal -- we love our poets. :)

  5. She looks like a Welsh Cob... Maybe an Irish Cob (?).

    Aren't the Irish just crazy about horses. Every spare garage, front lawn, or balcony seems to contain one.

  6. Beautiful shots. We're watching a very charming series called 'Horsepower', hosted by Martin Clunes of 'Doc Martin' fame. Your Irish friends will know of it. It is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes every week and I've always been scared of the beasts.

  7. Yummy! K says his relatives here know the horse country here about.

    Love, c.