Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was all ready to post a Tuesday Poem this morning but this scenario presented itself to me instead....

On my way back into the house after getting the morning newspaper, I was greeted by the surprise of a lit Jack-o-lantern and our cat Sally all dressed up in her black-fur Halloween-cat costume.

One of the four boys has moved back in with us, post-college, in search of a job, and this was his doing. Isn't it great when kids can still act like kids?


  1. Our children will always be kids to us. Of course, mine still are! Halloween approaches - something the French have fully embraced. I much prefer Fireworks Night (5th Nov).

  2. the black fur cat-costume seems to fit her very well!

  3. Love the pumpkin progress posts! Especially sitting in sunny NZ! It's Halloween as I always imagined. Fabulous photographs.

  4. love it!

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    fitting, wouldn't you say?