Sunday, October 3, 2010


In order to avoid starting a big project, I instead delved
into another project I've been avoiding like the plague
for most of my adult life: putting together a book-length
manuscript. Oh, I've done it now and again, but I've always
been less than pleased with the results -- it just never felt
like it was right -- and then I'm lukewarm when it comes
to submitting it. Two years ago the Beloved Husband
(who truly is just that!) came up with a killer idea.
I've been kicking it around, procrastinating, avoiding,
doing things like cleaning out closets and scrubbing
the refrigerator instead of working on it. I'd rather
clean the litter box. I would fail utterly as a secretary.
I need a secretary of my own.

But avoidance is a powerful motivational tool,
and I now have in my hands what I think is my best
book-length manuscript to date, and after a few tweaks
and tunings, it shall be sent out. (Hopefully while
books are still being produced on paper. That part
could be tricky. I'd better get right on it.)

But now it's time to make a toast to the promise
of success: clink clink! (White wine, splash
of raspberry liqueur, lemon twist.)


  1. can't wait to see! Is this the project you alluded to on Friday or is this what you did to avoid aforementioned project? Ah, the productivity that is achieved while procrastinating! Either way, good work!

  2. This is the avoidance project. I realized that the other yet-to-be-disclosed project is going to be a lot bigger than I'd originally anticipated...still looking for materials. Slow slow slow. (And then there are the remnants of the cold, the lingering crud.)

  3. well, congratulations to you, dear! Can't wait to see what comes of your efforts. I'll buy a copy for sure! You must sign it for me, though. Preferably in person.

  4. good for you! i know well the long & rutted labyrinth of procrastination and avoidance. sign me up for that first edition, too!

  5. Cleaning closets, scrubbing out the refrigerator - they're not avoidance techniques, they're Part of the Writing Process. At one end of the Process there's a cat litter box, and at the other end there's what you took a photo of which looks enticing, intriguing, and altogether a Writerly Thing.
    See? You're almost there! You're playing the end game! Go girl, go.

  6. Congratulations, truly, T! I lift my cup of tea to you! I hope it is everything you dreamt it would be.

  7. Good luck! Cheers!

    Yours poetry,

  8. Good Luck!
    Just thought I would add, I made you Guiness Irish Stew tonight, you've made me a star...ever thought about a cookbook?

  9. Huzzah! That's wonderful.

    The cookbook must be next.

  10. Jacqueline, glad to hear that you like it, and that you are even more well liked because of it! (Wish I could claim it as my recipe but it's stolen from an online recipe.)

    Joannie, reading your blog and your facebook entries about your own poetry universe is a big part of my inspiration. You are one of the few poets on the internet who manage to do this without a crazy amount of hubris, and I admire you for that.