Monday, January 30, 2012


A crappy dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Midtown, its only saving grace the fact that it was within walking distance of the hotel. We were tired of paying $$$ for a single martini and a midget bite of food, so we tried something else and, although the price tag was lower, the quality was equally low. We've been twice to Union Square Cafe, which is superb and in the realm of what one would want to shell out for great food on an artist's budget, but it's a subway ride away which equals added effort.


I like to cook, and I won't be shy in saying I'm a damn fine cook. It does get to be a curse, though, when eating out. I do get tired of deconstructing every bite of food I eat in a restaurant but the obsessive part of me insists on doing it every single time. It can't be helped. On the other hand, I abhor food snobs. Food needn't be complicated, or pretentious. It just should be mindfully prepared, and prepared with respect for not only the ingredients but respect for whomever shall consume it.

I can make a feast from whatever happens to be in my larder at any given time (often slim pickins), and when a restaurant, with its (hopefully) well-planned-out menu can't deliver even a basic decent meal, then all is wrong with the world.

Well, with my world, at least.

Does it show that I'm ready to be back in my own kitchen?!

(I should mention that I had an absolutely perfect bagel with scallion cream cheese and Irish smoked salmon today for lunch. Ate every bite sitting on a bench in the cold winter noontime. Wanted more.)


  1. The worst sensation in any restaurant is knowing that, given the same ingredients, you'd have done a better job yourself. Then, of course, you have to pay a fortune for the pleasure.

  2. Have you been to Ollie's on the Upper West Side? Scallion pancakes.

  3. my favorite restaurant is actually in astoria queens--a subway ride away, but from midtown, a short hop. (just 3 stops into queens, on the N train.) here is the website.

    phillipe is fantastic;his cafe is so much more than a creperie. he is an amazing cook, Breton, but tired of the stress of manhattan 'cuisine'. just does his own thing.
    (PS: i'll be in seattle next fall; paybacks!)


  4. would our friend Larry have any suggestions for mid-town eating?

    I've found that often times, in those circumstances, a soup and a salad are the best way to go.

    You will LOVE being back in your kitchen!

  5. Susan, didn't get there, but give me a shout when you're in Seattle and I'll hook you up!