Thursday, January 5, 2012

My new, um, "entertainment".

Now, one could say that he's of Scottish descent with a name like that. Easy to come to that conclusion. And boy-oh-boy -- so easy to turn on, this one! (TMI, I know, I know.)

The one before, every time I brought out my photos he'd freeze up -- bam -- and stay like that for hours. No fun! I got SO tired of that. I mean, that just doesn't work for me AT ALL. (And his memory was crap.)

But this one -- a memory unlike anything I've ever seen!

The best part, though, is how he lights up the moment I touch him.

I am one lucky girl.


  1. you're talking about a camera, right?

  2. Oh, of course! Well, I'm still happy for you ;-)

  3. No I am NOT talking about a camera, but I AM enjoying quite the LOL at the moment!!!

  4. Enjoy it, whatever or whoever it is!

  5. Applause from the wings. Good for you. xo

  6. Takes one to know one T. Good for you.