Monday, August 13, 2012

Again with the Hummingbirds

This all began a year ago last May with an extraordinary dream, which I recounted here.

Most evenings from 6-8pm I'm on my deck, and I've been practicing my hummingbird calls. Usually one or two visit, maybe hover close, but tonight I was outside with Nelson after dinner and told him to watch. He was talking up his usual storm, sitting at the table, and I stood at the railing and began calling. After about two minutes, one showed up, hovered around the feeder, then perched on a branch. We did a call and response, but Nelson didn't seem to notice. I told him to stand next to me, and when he did, the bird flew to about three feet directly before our eyes and hovered & did its tiny chirp.

"Did you see that?!" The bird got Nelson's attention.

We continued to stand there, and two more came, one after the other, and performed for us the best show they've done all summer. My son was astounded. He spent a good part of third grade sketching hummingbirds, and I have a paper m√Ęche´one on my windowsill that he made at age 8.

A little later, after Nelson had gone home, I was sitting on my balcony eating the last of the blackberry pie (yum), and had another visitation, on the potted geranium, just a few feet from me.


  1. How VERY lucky you are. We get Crows, Rooks, Pigeons, and Buzzards.

  2. You're the hummingbird whisperer.

  3. Thank you for sharing this...what a thrill!

  4. are they grand? i love to watch them when visiting friends up in the Sierra foothills. they are little fiends sometimes, fighting over the sugar water.