Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A gruelingly long day after only three hours of sleep: awake awake awake, from 2am on....

But what woke me up was this stunner of a dream:

There was something afloat in the air beside me, smaller than a hummingbird,

slightly larger than a Western Damselfly,

and glowing, but neither bird nor insect. Although it was clear that it was genderless, it exhibited a decidedly feminine anima (yes, that might be redundant). I was dumbstruck with fascination, clearly agog, enthralled with its other-worldliness and the abundance of benevolence emanating from its presence.

It spoke: "I used to be human."

I said "I want to know everything about you...."

It hesitated, lingered, said "I'm going to change again soon."


Early to bed.
Sleep deprivation is the cruelest of states.


  1. wow, what a dream! Mine that baby for all the symbolism. And yes, sleep deprivation is cruel. I hope you find sleep tonight!

  2. A deva, T?

    ORIGIN early 19th cent.: Sanskrit, literally ‘shining one’. A welcome benevolent spirit.

    Please can you send me your postal address via FB - just when you get a chance?

    Thinking of you and sending love into the ongoing fray. C x

  3. Sounds like the beginning of a story to me.

  4. "I'm going to change again, soon"......and so you are!

    Ima Wizer

  5. totally enchanting dream and reminds me of the photo you posted of the mystery orb of light hovering above your hand. don't stop believing! xoxo

  6. The numinous and the limnal -- what a dream. "I am going to change again soon."

    The hairs raise.

    Love, C.

  7. sure sounds like somethings bugging you!

  8. Mario Vargas Llosa said lots of great stuff in his Nobel Lecture but this is the sentence that sounds apposite to your dream:-

    "We invent fictions in order to live somehow the many lives we would like to lead when we barely have one at our disposal."

    So go, girl.

  9. T: i echo everyone else's awe at this startling dream. to me, it has a strong, transitional mythic quality, glittering and UNrealistic, a message from some other realm. but good. except for the not sleeping part, which is a misery.
    the wv has just told me i'm being TRITE! is that so?