Sunday, July 12, 2015

In The Garden

Picking Beans

Backed up against the sweet peas
drooping over the path, beside
the two onions from last year
now gone to starry white-globed seed
and swirling with bumble bees;
overrun by a volunteer tomato
whose rambling vines I cannot
bring myself to yank up —

In line beside the green feathers
carrots wave in the air,
and the tang of dill
announcing its place where it wants
and not where I want —

And then the few square feet
given over to the cosmos
whose pink petals each year
offer new paint-strokes
of cross-pollination —

I squat in not-enough room between rows
and pluck the slim pods
hidden beneath their own leafed canopy.
The garden belongs to them —
the beans and dill, the cucumber and onions.
I am their lucky caretaker, their human
who offers water each evening,
reaps their generosity in silver bowls.
Thanks them 
for the honor of tending.

  ©T. Clear


  1. It sounds lovely T. I too am a fan of cosmos. Roll on spring in NZ! We have tuis here and pigeons making an early announcement of its coming ...enough to keep us going when the temp drops and the sky clouds.

  2. Helen, I just went to YouTube to see and listen to some tuis — what an extraordinary creatures! NZ is on my list of places to visit.

    I hope spring is kind to you, and summer, kinder yet!

  3. i love reading about your intimate connection with your garden. you make me feel as if I am there.