Sunday, July 5, 2015

Will somebody please turn down the heat!

The tap water diminished to nary a drop this morning, and here we are in the middle of record-breaking high summer temperatures.  I called a bunch of stores looking for an AC unit, and they all gave the same response: SOLD OUT.

Broken water main a mile away repaired after a few hours, and now the flow is strong but murky. I've set a large pot to boil, but the combination of heat and swampish water kills the appetite.

Our local meteorologist, Cliff Mass, says that our current stuck-weather-pattern has nothing to do with the larger concern of climate change, but rather a result of amplification of the upper level wave pattern. Whatever that means, I find it only minimally reassuring, as this high pressure system seems to be entrenched offshore and in my sinuses. Gah.

Lying down covered in wet towels with a fan pointed at one's body seems to help. I'm trying to figure out how to achieve this position at work. No luck yet. My days have been reduced to sluggish production painting and shipping. Gasping. Headaching.  [Complaining.]

We are all so vulnerable, we humans.

My tomato plants, on the other hand, are having an all-out party in their parking-strip garden bed, getting close to surpassing my height (just shy of 5'7'). And, well, the zucchini are, as usual, showing absolutely zero restraint. Sweet peas hanging on by a tendril, but their end is nigh.

If you have any spare rain, email me some. Please.


  1. My tomatoes have grown exceptionally tall this year, and have now COLLAPSED. Their wooden supports should have been two feet taller!

    Hot here too. Our (unheated) pool has reached 30 C, and the ground is as dry as the Sahara. Some 'overnight' rain would be very welcomed here also.

  2. El Nino's bend is brutalizing you all, that is for sure.

    If I could send you some of our rain, you know I would!

    Love, C.

  3. without air conditioning, life can become pretty impossible. I've used a spray bottle filled with water to mist myself and then use the fan just to have air movement. I feel for you, T. It's miserable. But at least the plants love it.