Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Penance

I'd bet money that I'm the only poet
in North America who did not watch
last night's lunar eclipse. Instead
I opted for Project Runway at ten,
then cozied myself between the sheets
for some semi-trashy reading (Spending,
by Mary Gordon). Alas.
I wonder if there's a special confessional
just for Bad Poets. (I wouldn't go.)

I was a bad Girl Scout. In fact, my deceased troop leader
still owes me badges. We argued
(in grade five, mind you) about some protocol
in documenting the badge-earning process.
She made up her own rules and expected us
to abide by them. And the only graffiti
I ever did was during a scouting weekend
at Camp River Ranch in Carnation,
on the canvas walls of our covered-wagon "cabin."
Used a permanent marker -- don't remember what
I wrote -- and someone told on us. Bleach
was not much help removing it! Victory!


  1. um...this wouldn't hold up in a court o law, ma'am. the lunar eclipse was running 7-8p, so your accounting of time makes the confessional look promising...especially in thie investigation of heinous crimes or derelict sharpies on a covered wagon. mon dieu!

  2. Holy moly. Who told me it was at ten??!!! Perhaps my alter-ego.

  3. A Bad Girl scout?!?! Oooohhh!