Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm in that stage of re-entry where everything feels
slightly off-center and tilting. Lots of hours
on planes and in airports, gone for seven weeks,
and everything seems unchanged here, and yet
nothing has remained the same.

First thing was the startling reality of the bill
from R.'s hospitalization. I was on the phone
early today haggling with Regence, who agreed
that there were "special circumstances" and so perhaps
the out-of-pocket limit does apply. F***ing bastards
are just trying to weasle out of paying what R. is signed
up for. I was actually asked if my son had received
a referral for the hospital prior to his heart attack.
Uh. Well. No. What healthy 23-year-old without any
heart issues anticipates a heart attack?!! I imagine
the referral conversation would go something like this:

R. to insurance company:
"Hello? Yeah, I'm planning to have a heart attack
on Wednesday, so I just wanted to make sure
I have all my paperwork in order."

Insurance company to R.:
"Wednesday sounds good. We've got you
penciled in. No problem. You're covered.
Come in any time."

So we'll see.


  1. OMG...

    My thoughts are with you -

    And how's about sending this posting on to your appropriate legislators, state insurance governing board and yes to the company itself.

    God, I hate insurance companies. The entire industry is nothing but legislated gambling - and the "house" and games are fixed.

  2. But fo course we can trust that the insurance companies are acting in our best interests--sheesh! Hope this works out as it should, with Regence footing the bill.

  3. I'm sorry. I didn't realize this was going on. That's awful! Is he okay now?
    Insurance companies. Pah! I used to work for one.

    Best of luck.


  4. And of course your premiums were how much per month? Please do send this on--as Patrice suggests above--there's one hell of a war goin on since you left...this is the reason we're fighting it.

    And then come over for a glass of wine!

  5. I am so worried about death panels!


    Whereas in reality the insurance companies are exactly that.

    As soon as you get sick they no logner cover you.

    Love, C.