Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We have not had any luck finding out the name
of this manor in North Mayo, but we're going
to go into town today and get an ordnance map
of the area. I love the way the landscape
is framed by the disintegrating windows --

There was a lovely bay horse here, who, when I whistled for
her, she came running/galloping/cantering to the fence
where I stood, as if I were the only other living being
she'd encountered in days. She inhaled my scent,
then pressed her warm face up against mine
and held it there for a time -- the closest thing
to a hug from a horse that I've ever had.
I was enchanted!

Again, one of the joys of exploring out here in Mayo
is that we are never overrun with crowds of any kind,
more likely we are the only people in sight.


  1. Fabulous!!!! I wish I was there!

  2. I've always loved horses, though I'm never around any. WT has the Mayo surname in his lineage.

  3. willow -- is it Maigh Eo -- in Irish?

  4. Love, love, LOVE that 1st photo. Truly special. Great eye, T.!

  5. There you go again - I'm transported back to Netley Abbey - - I looked through its windows onto a lovely landscape, but I never, never had a close encounter like yours with a horse. That's just cool.

  6. A magic experience with the horse and it would be lovely to explore without the hordes!

    Thanks for the shots of the crumblies; they make me think of the days when they were inhabited.

  7. ha. i took a picture almost exactly like that first one, but i was in dingle.