Friday, February 18, 2011

There's an argument for not going to Hawaii in the middle of winter because re-entry is quite possibly worse than not going at all, but I'm not going to pursue that argument, because, in spite of mid-February malaise and airplane air it IS worth it. (I'm not sure if that all makes sense but who cares.)

Quiet at work, by myself. Melinda is off to Philadelphia to accumulate a year's worth of orders. Check out her current blog post here.

Having grown up in a large family, I want and need a lot of people around, most of the time. I know there are others who, having experienced the same early familial hubbub as me who crave alone time, but not me, or not so often. So it's just been me and the cat in the Wee Glass Factory aka Melinda's house. Come visit! Today was the first day of the Philly show, and early reports look good. I'll post pics when I can; no new ones available yet. The new work is literally hot out of the "kitchen kiln". But there are some real beauties!


  1. i would LOVE to come visit. I hear ya about Hawaii, but really, aren't you glad you went? Next time, just make it for longer!

    I like people around, too, and have always fantasized about a group living situation for us oldsters. Gotta get more people on board with that - including my wife!

  2. btw, the link to Melinda's blog is not working for me....

  3. Winter holls. I remember flying back to the UK (via Miami) one winter after having been in the Cayman Iles for a while. As we approached Heathrow the Captain anounced that it was snowing in London. Everone laughed; we were all in T shirts and shorts. We landed to about 6 ins snow and freezing weather.

    That wouldn't put me off Hawaii!

  4. Tara, fixed the link. Thanks.

    Yeah, I doubt the husband would go for it either. He's one of those large-family-of-origin people who cherishes the quiet.

    I never thought I'd like apartment living, but when we were in HI, I loved all the people sounds when the balcony doors were open. I might have to rethink the apartment thing.

  5. Cro, it's do difficult to imagine cold weather when one has basked in the topics. This year I arrived back in Seattle with sandals, no coat, and there seemed to be enough residual heat in me to get me through until I hit the home front. (Where I begrudgingly quickly put on socks.)

  6. It works the other way around too, I've found. Here it is, March. There's snow everywhere, and has been for a long time. We're going to Cuba. I know it is hot. And Humid. And etc. I know this. I know it intellectually. I know by weather reports. I know it from experience. But I cannot imagine it.

    But I learned to wear what I could remove already in in the plane, carry my sandals, etc. Because, really, the moment you leave that plane you are in Cuba and it will be hot and humid. In March.

    Love, C.