Friday, February 11, 2011


Living in fish heaven here. Except for some bits of bacon in my salad last night and a pig taco, I've been practicing piscivorism. No, not some tropical golden-idol worship, but the worship of fish: ahi, ono, mahi mahi, crab, shrimp. Hot temps make me crave it. Seared, macadamia-crusted, pan-roasted: bring it on. Still on the list: poke (po-kay) -- a raw fish salad.

There's only been one dish I've not devoured: a pohole fern salad. Overloaded with the Hawaiian variety of the fiddlehead, very bitter, with nothing in the dressing to balance the flavors. I did my best, really hating to waste food, but after chawing my way through half of the large plateful, I pushed it aside. Felt like a horse with a feedbag.

And last night's dessert was a swooner. If Paul hadn't also ordered it, I would've been forced to erect the Portable Electric Dessert Fence: white chocolate filled malasadas (Portuguese doughnuts) with coffee-caramel dipping sauce. Sublime, divine, glorious, etc.....

I know. It's gotta end at some point. Forty-eight hours from now I'll once again be enduring Seattle's perpetual winter gloom. But that still leaves plenty of time for more pleasures of the plate/palate!


  1. I hope you have plans to patent your Portable Electric Dessert Fence. So much less hostile than a fork in the back of the hand.

  2. oh. my. gawd. that dessert. you have reduced me to tears. Are you happy now?

    enjoy every last moment on the island -- the Plane of Tears will come for you soon enough!

  3. Just try to love 'perpetual winter gloom'. It CAN be done!

  4. Marylinn, it's in the design stage as we speak ;)

  5. Tara: happy, and then some. And even more.