Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometime today someone pulled up outside my house and helped themselves to my pile of $$ planting mix, which has been waiting for me to assemble the remaining boxes. So....I enlisted my son to help me tonight after work — in a fierce spring wind — and we got the job finished. Carrots and beets seeds are planted. My chard hasn't done much of anything, alas. But at least it's still alive. We've had odd spring weather: one day sunny and balmy, the next with winter's lingering hiss.

My attempts to rouse the muse have fallen short. Always feels like a stifled silence when she's gone, fists stuffed down my throat. Ack.  


  1. Mist outside this morning, which is an improvement on RAIN. If it dries a bit, I shall do the same, and get some seeds in the sodden(ing) ground.

  2. Dang, that is such a violating feeling!! Sorry to hear somebody stole some of your good dirt... I'm a front yard gardener too and there is a certain vulnerability in it. Fingers crossed now that nobody helps themselves to a little pre-made box garden pre-loaded with beets and carrots!