Sunday, July 1, 2012

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You know you're in trouble when, at the first in-the-flesh glance, you start planning your exit.

This morning's breakfast-date lasted 48 minutes too long. I felt like I was in high school and someone's mom had fixed me up with one of "the quiet boys". Not that there's anything wrong with quiet boys! But looking at online profiles of prospective suitors and exchanging emails can't even begin to compare to a face-to-face. (This morning I almost did an about-face.)

Today's "match" was twitchy and a little bit feminine, with no apparent sense of humor. Didn't seem to know quite how to wear his clothes. Odd. I'm going to dredge up a word that I rarely hear these days: ineffectual.

All kinds of things go through one's head when one is out on the 21st-century version of a blind date, as you can imagine. All I could think of this morning was the word "NO!" And again, "NO!"

After gulping down my eggs and crepe, two cups of coffee and bacon, I slid my chair out and made the move to the door, thanked him for breakfast, and offered no words of encouragement. Couldn't wait to get in my car and back to my own life.


  1. hey - but you gave it shot! I've been hearing similar stories -- one friend even said she spent 5 min. with a guy and then said, "Uh, I don't think this is going to work." No sense wasting time!

    At least you received some food and coffee in the deal!

    And,yeah, your word "ineffectual" says it all.

    Hey - here's this for an first date idea - a Skype for cocktails in one's own home. Hmmm...I could have something here.

  2. Tara's idea of Skype-dating sounds much safer, and the off switch so much nearer to hand!

  3. Oh, Lord, just put this in the "inspiration for short story" file.

  4. i think coffee is plenty for a first date. if you're having fun, then you can order a corn muffin.

  5. Perhaps it is a little old fashioned of me, but given both parties met in 'good faith' -- and even though no names have been used -- I wonder if it is completely fair to hold the man you met up quite so publicly? He is a person with feelings, even if not right for you, and could potentially read what's been said...

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  7. Helen,

    Most thoughtful comment. But not to worry, he doesn't know enough about me to find me here, of that I'm certain.

    And then again, it could all be fiction....


  8. You have to kiss a lot of frogs, and it may not seem worthwhile. It would do, though, if you finally found some sort of soulmate. Hang in there...