Monday, July 2, 2012

Tuesday Poem: Sharing the Apple

Sharing the Apple

You know the story: Eve
and all her charms, that sweet allure
beyond resistance. Even so, Adam lived —
ripely — to the age of 930.
But who could deny that sizzle?  — You

certainly do not refuse
when I extend my hand, apple-full,
my contribution to decadence
savored since Eden.
And biting in, the flavor
a shiver of surprise. You offer

the apple back, and I accept.
Bite for bite we pass
the ephemeral fruit from hand
to hand, conscious of the hunger
created by this simple act:
your mouth, mine.

And later, all our sugars dissolved,
the trailing of core and seed
scattered, I'll recall
how you met me full-lipped
and greedy for that first surrender,
first taste of temptation.

© T. Clear 1999
originally appeared in Heliotrope


  1. so sensual. so perfectly rendered. wow.

  2. I agree with Angella. Ah, that first bite.

  3. who could deny that sizzle? and you poem certainly does - nice work.