Thursday, October 18, 2012

If the small business at which I toil daily is any indication of an awakening economy, then this country's bottom line is looking up. Damn. The past two weeks have brought on a steady stream of re-orders from current clients and inquiries followed by orders from new galleries with how-soon-can-you-ship as the refrain.

Most want their double-our-last-order-please shipped yesterday. I spend my days in a flurry of multi-tasking. When something breaks (and glass breaks) or a flaw shows up late in production, it's necessary to re-prioritize, shift, re-schedule. Sometimes (but thankfully not often) a piece is created 3X before an acceptable specimen appears before my magnified eyes.

I have a favorite tool — a diamond-tipped rod, pencil-sized, which works miracles on those hard-to-reach spots in a pattern when the electric dremel just makes the flaw more flawed. I think that in another life I could be a dentist rather than the current starving artist. In fact, if the multi-verse indeed exists, I'm certain that I've got my gloved hands deep into someone's incisors.

But in this incarnation, even the antiseptic smell of a dentist's office sends my anxieties buzzing and beyond control. What I need, in the multi-verse life I envision, is to do the work I do in this universe but collect the paycheck that I earn in an alternate 'verse.

Where is Einstein when I need him?

Meanwhile, every day upon walking out my door to work, I pluck a handful of carrots from my parking-strip garden,  toss them soil-and-all into a plastic bag, then scrub and slice them at lunch. How is it possible that a single carrot seed — about the size of a pinhead — grows to what we know as a carrot? Maybe this seems simple-minded, but I'm constantly in awe of Things That Grow. May it ever be so.


  1. And may your art and your earnings continue to grow too!

  2. Maybe the financial 'doom and gloom' predictions were overplayed. I certainly haven't seen much belt-tightening over here!

  3. wow, that's great news, T. I cherish the little colored cups I purchased awhile ago.

    Do you wear giant magnifying glasses while working?

    Your carrot story made me think of the tiny things that grow inside us that turn out to be big strapping children! Now, that, along side the lowly carrot, is awesome.

  4. I can only speak for myself but - whether it is the times or my age or planets being where they haven't been in 26,000 years - I crave the beautiful. Just to see beauty, by my definition, before my eyes, not owning it, just gazing, stills me. To be in the business of producing beauty would seem just the thing. We are starved for many things and know that nourishing the soul is a place to begin. So glad for growing success. And a seed is a miracle. Anything that we can see transform reminds us of what is possible. xo