Friday, October 26, 2012

Skirt With Thread, A Hem

After a third trip to the fabric store (the outlet location of Pacific Fabrics: think upholstery remnants, faux leopard fur on unwieldy bolts, bins of foam for every possible cushioning need and more, more, more—) for yet more thread, this skirt is finally nearing completion. Just a rolled 1/4" hem and I'm good to go.

(For the better part of a month there's been no shortage of pricked fingers and clippings of black & grey cotton jersey here/there/everywhere.)

And because I obsessively calculate and add things up, I figured out that in this just-above-the-knee hand-embroidered, hand-constructed garment, there is, give-or-take, 450 feet of thread.

That's 5400 inches of thread.

Which is a little over 1/11 mile.

I don't think I've ever even imagined that anything could be one-eleventh.

Odd fractions aside, making this skirt took everything I know about sewing (7th grade home-ec) and threw it out the window. No proper pattern, no sewing machine, raw edges, fabric paint, recycled fabric — and I'm a convert. Can't wait to start my next project. Can't wait to take what I've learned and apply it to — wait for it — "repurposing" some toss-asides. (Let's just get it out of the way: I really can't stand the "repurposing" word. Love the concept, can do w/o the euphemism.)

When and if I come to the end of this new-found passion, I'll add up all the inches and feet and fractional-miles of thread that I use, and report back.

And now it's hem-time.


  1. Right now (this very second actually) I am taking a 5 minute break from teaching myself to crochet! Learning anything new takes a lot of patience with yourself and perseverance. Good for you on the skirt. It looks so cute!

  2. So fabulous. I checked the links you gave when you first took this on - I've never counted things in such a fashion but may begin with inches of color pencil consumed. Repurposed, along with multi-tasking, (phrase and activity), makes me cringe, too. Once upon a time we were resourceful, imaginative, thrifty - my mother made art-for-sale out of so many discards or reclaimed objects. Oh, the Halloween costumes from Eastern Star formals. I celebrate you, your skirt and your new world. xo

  3. I have never sewed, maybe the odd curtain for the baby's room or some napkins, etc. Oh yes, the shift in 7th grade that I mostly got my mom to finish for me.

    So, with no pattern, did you drape the material to get your cut? Please share!

  4. T.: crazy weirdness: i just ck'd my blood sugar. Guess what it was? 111!!