Monday, May 5, 2008

Celebrity Sighting....

or maybe not, but last Tuesday at the House of Blues in New Orleans,
I left Paul standing up by the stage in front of the booming speakers
and sought a slightly-less ear-splitting perch from which to listen 
to the soulful, melancholic blues of James Blood Ulmer. I perched
myself on a velvet settee and settled in to the music, sipped my
vodka tonic. Before long, a very handsome young man -- looking an
awful lot like the one pictured above -- asked me if it was okay
for him to sit beside me. I motioned for him to sit, and he did,
and he then attempted to strike up a conversation.  The music was
very loud -- we had to yell. He was dressed in a black suit, white
shirt open at the neck. I noticed his shoes (I always notice shoes)
and they were black, polished, expensive. He was charming in a 
Cary Grant kind of way, and really wanted to talk to me about the
music, which was nearly impossible. This went on for several minutes,
when a tall woman with long dark hair came up and swooped him away.
All I thought at that point was, wow, he certainly was cute! And how
sweet of him, chatting it up with this middle-aged woman! A bit 
of an ego boost, I must admit. And I didn't think much more of it
until, the next day, on our flight to Texas, Paul pulled out 
the American Airlines in-flight magazine and there he was, on
the cover. Now, I can't say I've necessarily been a fan of his;
in fact, I've never even given him a second thought. But the man
who sat beside me at The House of Blues was a dead-ringer
for this man. Demi Moore, move over. 



  1. yes dahlin', and we're all certain (based on scientific as well as google evidence) that YOU were chatted up by Ashton, and Demi had to come snatch him away at the last possible moment before he & Paul would have had to throw DOWN! Ah, we're proud of you.
    ps. shall I go to sleep now and quit waiting, drooling, in anticipation of fresh beignets???
    Bummer. Who knows what song will taunt me tonight...

  2. T., you are the coolest. (And I can just imagine you on that settee charming and charming.)

  3. Well, he does have a taste for vintage years!

  4. THAT what I am now: vintage. (I must admit it sounds a lot better than middle-aged.)