Friday, May 9, 2008

"The past is no insubstantial, thready thing, sunlight slanting
through shutters into cool rooms, pools and standards of mist
adrift at roadside, memories that flutter from our hands the
instant we open them. Rather is it all too substantial, bluntly
physical like a boulder or cement block growing ever denser,
ever larger, there behind us, displacing and pushing us forward.
And yes: in its mindless, rocklike, solid, unstoppable way, 
it pursues us."

--from Eye of the Cricket, James Sallis


  1. As I sit here in Florida, where my older sister and I convened for my Mom's last Mother's Day, I just read this post and cried. (Fortunately, my Dad and sister are out running errands.) My mother is disappearing, shriveling away from life physically (cancer) and mentally (Alzheimers)-- yet remains a "rocklike, solid, unstoppable" force in my life, pursuing and pushing my reality as substantially as she did when I was two feet tall and she was my all-knowing provider and protector.

    I can only imagine what caused you to post this quote, but I do know it hit me square between the eyes, straight into the heart.

    Thanks, T.

  2. Oh, Linda. Sometimes it's all just so fucking difficult.
    Be well, my friend.