Sunday, May 18, 2008

I love the internet because it has allowed me to order parts
for my prehistoric sewing machine without driving all the way
to Louisiana or Indiana, whence cometh the parts. 

And I did not feel compelled to spend all my time
in close proximity to the sun these past few days
simply because it has, finally, emerged.


Joy and Sorrow, Zhong-yang Huang

You cannot look at grief under a microscope.
I mean literally. Last night as I entered that
dream-manic state between wakefulness
and all-out sleep, where images rise up
at frantic speeds and disappear just as quickly,
I kept trying to capture a physical shred of grief
in order to make a slide, so I could scientifically
deconstruct its myriad parts under the light
of magnification. It didn't work. I awoke
and recounted this to P. who was beside me reading.
He looked at me and stated, very soberly, 
"You can't do that."