Thursday, May 22, 2008

One of my favorite images is laundry hanging
on a clothesline.(I know, terribly domestic,
but it's the truth.) So, I move into the fascinating
world of film with the following video.....
(It's only a minute and a half long.)

Kingsville on the Line


  1. I can relate. :) There are few things I enjoy more that sliding between freshly laundered, crisp, slightly fragrant sheets.

  2. i love clotheslines too.
    we always had one.

    but i haven't for years.
    i once thought it would be nice to
    do a photo essay collection.

    I loved the southern sounds on
    your video too. thanks!

  3. Thanks for sweet memories of Mom, her pride in well-hung lines of laundry, the smell, the folding, the "putting away." So much laundry for all of us...