Friday, June 10, 2011

More Distraction

Bear with me.

There's gonna be a while lot of cuteness going on here, like this one:

Tonight the kitten was attacking a spot of sunlight on the kitchen floor. (Sounds like the name of an Edward Hopper painting.)

How can you not fall in love with the simple joy in that?

Okay, I realize you could argue that the spot of sunlight is, to the kitten, something upon which to prey, kill & devour, but then again....

We are domesticated.

Plenty of kibble in the bowl.

It was sunlight, Friday, late afternoon.

It was joy.


  1. I love your accidental spelling mistake in the second line... it sounds almost Irish; or maybe Caribbean. And somehow makes perfect sense!

  2. How wonderful, T., that you can fall in love with this little critter and know joy is what you feel when you are enraptured in this way. Thank God for Lucy, and we will not die of reports of her cuteness! xo

  3. You can't overdo the kitten posts.

  4. And you can never overdo joy posts...there is a quote about, those who would win joy must share it, happiness was born a twin. It is all good. xo

  5. I think "a while lot of cuteness" is what we all need!

  6. I love the way Marylinn put it ' happiness was born a twin.' And yes, keep the cute kitty posts coming - another pic or three of wee Lucy F., please? xo