Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've had my head in a moldy James Fenimore for the past hour, having violated my rule to not touch the weather-ravaged volume on the porch. I couldn't resist, fascinated as I am by things in their decay. And who could argue that mold-study isn't a perfectly acceptable alternative to Super Bowl frenzy?


  1. That looks like some serious incipient penicillin right there. And I would much rather ponder it than the Super Bowl.

  2. delicate & lovely. about as far away from football as conceivable on the aesthetics spectrum...

  3. lovely colors, there. i, however, have a huge fear of mold (being allergic) and so would never touch a book like that. I can't even go through old papers in my files without congestion and sneezing and sometimes hives. Yikes.