Friday, February 8, 2013


Pulled to a thousand compass points this week, tending those I love, stumbling on some accounts, pockets brimming with worry. And also waves of astonishment as I seem to have tripped into a new energy field where tectonic shifts in the landscape have set me atilt, askew, akimbo.

Cryptic enough for ya?


I'm participating in the creation of yet more new pieces at my second home, the glass factory, and hot-damn it's thrilling! Grateful for the gift of it, I am. Melinda jets off to another wholesale show next week, to filo-dough-fee-uh, and we're in the rush of the last minute of it now, the ever-evolving swirl (and sometimes clang) of glass and pigment and my favorite paint names (and favorite colors): Prussian blue, alizarin crimson, Payne's grey, perylene maroon, irridescent Aztec.

The cats doze, one on bags of bubble wrap stuffed back into a closet, the other snoring on a high shelf beside a window. Outside, squirrels burgle the suet feeders, while green finches wait in tittering impatience.


These words from a friend gifted with keen insight and rare wisdom:

We seem to be at that mid-life place where tolls are collected with sorrow as payment… a time to invest in the graces of gratitude and the present, and give in to knowing the limits to what can be promised....


  1. It's lovely to see you're excited by and enjoying the creation of new pieces.

    Love, C.

  2. great and true quote. with so much behind us, and what's left ahead, it is a challenge to stay present and grateful. That's the job before us now.