Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm getting my piano today! A year ago I tried to give it away
and wasn't successful. I'd lost interest in it, hadn't really played
it for five or six years. And now the urge to play is back,
and it's being moved from the Brandon Street house to Redmond.
Yay! My sister bought this piano thirty-something years ago,
and I gave her daughters lessons, but they weren't into it,
and twenty years ago, my sister gave it to me. Thirty years ago,
she purchased it used for, I think, $300. I'd be lucky to get
that much for it today, were I to try to sell it. The price of used
pianos has pretty much remained the same for a long time.
I suppose people buy electric keyboards -- portable and easy
to store. And they don't require a Big Truck and Big Men
with Big Tools in order to get from one house to another.
As far as pianos go, it's nothing special -- kind of beat up,
most of the keys are chipped. But it's sound, it's mine,
and I'm going to play again. Hee hee!


  1. There's little to no market for pianos these days, used or new.

    People who can play the piano are endangered species. There will be no new Fats, Dr. John, Professor Longhair, etc.

    Love, C.

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  3. Me too, this makes very sad.

    Vaquero posted today on da List that I think K is a member of, that the Ponderosa Stomp is scheduled scheduled for April 28-29at the House of Blues.

    At least the piano is still being played in New Orleans. As well as the tuba!

    Love, C.

  4. The guys who moved my piano disagreed with me.....they said that they are VERY busy moving pianos, and that all the piano teachers they know of require a standard piano rather than a keyboard after six months of instruction. Apparently all is not lost!