Thursday, December 18, 2008


Breakfast just wouldn't be right without my daily dose
of Zippy, by Bill Griffith.(In case you're unfamiliar,
Zippy is a comic strip.) Today, in the space
of three tiny squares, Mr. Griffith displayed a spectacular vocabulary:
god, Holyland Theme Park, Orlando, handmaidens, Blu-Ray disc player,
Mel Gibson, "Th' Passion of Th' Christ", animism, wicca and,
last but not least, hell. Other than a nice strong cup
of coffee, what else could one possibly desire?!

Thankfully Zippy prevents me from sliding hopelessly
into complete sentimentality: we awoke today, finally, after
days of Breaking! News! Reports! Inclement! Weather!
to a good three inches of white fluff. (Oddly it's darker
in the house than usual because all the skylights
are snow-covered.) And before coffee, before the crackle
of pepper-crusted bacon, I lit two candles and sat
at the piano and improvised a little snowflake-descending tune:
tinkle tinkle tinkle

Soon I'll go outside with my jewelers loupe
and examine some crystal structure up-close.
I read once in a kids science project book
that if it's cold enough outside, you can blow a bubble
and it will freeze. The actual temperature required
in order for this to happen was not stated, and so far,
it's not been cold enough here to accomplish this.
(God knows I've tried. )


  1. a jeweler's loup always makes
    me think of me father.....Rollo.

    he always carried one in his pocket.
    I'd never be without one!


  2. ke -- I remember the first time I met Rollo, I was wearing a pendant made from African ebony, and he walked up, picked up the pendant (still on a cord around my neck), peered at it with his loupe, declared "ebony!" -- and then walked away. Wonderful memory.

    My loupe is one of my most prized possessions.

  3. Hi T,

    I'd never heard that story T.
    I love it. I remember another loupe story. Our drummer Jay broke a drumstick at a gig (or maybe Rollo picked one up from a previous band playing the night before at the Tractor). Rollo whipped out his loupe
    and examined the broken drumstick.
    Jay and I still chuckle about that memory.

    I hope we all stay safe with the coming storm. I've been having fun walking in it too.

    xo ke