Monday, December 8, 2008

There is a delicate line between having too much to do
and having not enough to do. I like to balance on that line,
or even a little bit on the Too Much side. Empty space
has the ability to call forth demons with many names.

This afternoon I was given the gift of five free hours,
and this morning I was given the gift of delivery
of my piano. I lost myself in music today, arrangements
of traditional Christmas Carols. The cats stalked each other
and hissed an accompaniment as the December light
eked away. Hot tea in a Lusterware pot. And now I'm
fairly played-out, the first time in many years. And it was
a high -- reading music again, making it all work together:
brain, fingers, keys, eyes. It's different now that so much
time has passed; it's easier. More focused. I'm more focused.


  1. That's great T!

  2. are you playing piano with only 8 fingers?
    I have to say I love your blog.

  3. Pamela: I've got all my fingers back! Yay!

  4. Hi T,

    Do you remember we bought a piano from you back in the mid-80s? After your apartment fire? It took about 10 hunky men to move it from your burned-out apartment. It became a fixture at the Sonic Temple and we moved it once, before having to sell it when we moved on to the boat. Sorry to remind you of what must have been such a traumatic time...but it was such a lovely thing--black, upright, turn of the century and very loved! Robin

  5. I remember that well, and was delighted that the piano found such a good home. M. bought it for me as a surprise at an estate sale. One of these days I'm going to blog about those flames....