Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The big news in Seattle/Redmond is that it's not
raining, and it's June. This is an extraordinary fact.
It's 80+ degrees and many of us are sluggish with

The delicate hand-painting on glass that I do
at work was greatly altered by this uncommon
heat. Fussy paintbrushes gumming-up,
paint drying on the palette, everything sticky
and sticking and black everywhere. Black paint
vexes me. Messy. And the entertainment --
the cat -- was, as Radish King describes,
like "a wad of parking lot chewing gum."
Inert. Stretched. Not in the mood.


  1. too hot to comment.
    I'm a wuss.

  2. This is all spoken like true Seattleites. Me? I'm loving it!