Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At Gem

The salon to which I make my every-six-weeks
pilgrimage is "Meg" spelled backwards. Meg is
one of the owners. What if her name were Anna?
Or Hannah? That would be much less interesting.

A great trashy pleasure is reading the fashion mags.
while waiting for my hair to "cook." Dieting is a prominent
subject in these publications, and one regimen (suggested
by a personal trainer) allowed the following delicious items
for breakfast:
2 eggs whites, scrambled
6 almonds.
That was it. Six almonds. Is that even possible?


  1. i put a huge fistful of almonds on my cheerios every morning. six would not cut it.

  2. What was that old ad, "Bet you can't eat just one?"

    Your guess at my "What is it" was close ... yes, it's a land forms ... on Mars! Photo taken with a high res digital camera circling the planet.

  3. Bill -- on Mars?!! Who would've thought. Amazing -- it really looks like water, or where water has made a path.