Saturday, October 24, 2009

R. and I made some kick-ass green mole chicken
with masa dumplings. A helluva lot of work but
the kind of meal where there isn't much talking,
only mmmmm and aaaahhhh. R. tasted the puree
before it went in the simmering pan and nearly
set his mouth afire, smoke coming from his ears, etc.
I grabbed the butter and handed him a chunk
which quickly tamed the flame. Good old butterfat.

Today's math:
15 dumplings ÷ 3 people = not enough.

And then there was the tres leches cake which was
almost a dos leches cake because I forgot to buy
cream (leche numero tres) but I had some spray-on
cream in the fridge which easily whisked back to its
former state of liquidity and the 6-egg sponge-in-a-
springform soaked up all the sweetened condensified
and evaporatified milks and the liquidified spray-on
cream and 2 teaspoons of vanilla. [Whoa. Forgot
to take a breath there.]

Damn I'm tired.

(And then there was the painting of the yellow wall.)


  1. you are far too industrious for me.

    please pass the cake.

  2. laurie, there's lots left over. I'll forward you some. ;)

  3. MOLE! MOLE! MOLE! Food of the Gods, indeed. I've only made it twice. It's intensive but indeed worth the work.

    I bow at your feets.


  4. That sounds sooo yummy! Except the tres leeches cake....

  5. I love tres leches cake, but my idea of baking it is to go to Ley and buy one! That said, your idea of reconstituting the cream was brilliant. As for the masa dumplings, I've never had them. Got recipe?

  6. Ima, this manner of activity keeps the demons at bay!