Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Bright Notes

--coffee with Robin, which involved wicked laughter

--a glass of Hogue Sauvignon Blanc ($6.99 @ Trader Joes)

--big wind, leaves flung above the treetops

--hundreds of crows passing over the house

--finishing the Friday puzzle

--pizza for dinner


  1. I just finished a painting which featured a few crows in it.

    And currently drinking Columbia's "Two Vine" Merlot-Cabernet ... $11. for the larger bottle at Costco.

    No puzzles, life's enough of a puzzle for me.

    Big wind, big rain ... tons of maple and alder leaves on the the ground.

  2. nice snapshot of a fine day.

    I'm actually heading up to Bellingham tomorrow, and get 2.5 whole hour layover in SeaTac! Maybe I can write a blog post from there...observing the world of travelers around me.

  3. TD -- I didn't know until I read this comment from you that you had a blog!

  4. Cool!! I moved furniture all day; had a big switch around. Looks good, I'm happy, less is more.

  5. let's compare:

    i didn't have coffee with robin, but i bought farm eggs from Robyn, which did involve wicked laughter.

    no wine, but a Harp beer.

    big wind, check. leaves, check. snow: bonus!

    crows: not so many, but canada geese.

    no puzzle.

    quesadillas. which are sort of like pizza.

    we're twins!

  6. Don't forget the brief golden road caused by the afternoon sun reflecting off of fallen leaves!

  7. laurie, when you count candy corn and puffy orange marshmallow peanuts, it's doubly true. Ha!

    K. -- I won't forget it. Glad you pointed it out, and it was gone all too fast!

  8. Great images. Wine, Fall leaves...perfect.

  9. It was fun, T--and one of the rare occasions when fun wasn't fuelled by glasses of wine and lashings of good food. Amazing!

  10. PS How'd you do on Thursday's puzzle? I'm still working on it. Hints gratefully accepted.