Sunday, November 29, 2009

Endangered Blogging

There has been talk out there in the material world
as well as the blogosphere about the coming extinction
of blogging. Apparently, it's sooooo last year, last decade,
I don't know. Passe, I suppose. But the alternatives are
what -- facebook? Twitter? 140 characters? Not a chance.
I do enjoy facebook -- I see it kind of like flitting
in-and-out at a party, dropping a few lines (of conversation!)
here and there; and twitter, well, call me old but I just
cannot and will not go there. But a blog is a lot like having
your own daily newspaper column, with regular readers.
Room to spread out, really express yourself, get creative.
It's a way to create a global community, and I am completely
enamored of it. I'm here for the long run. Stay tuned.


  1. I'm with you T: blogging is by far the most creative of the three options, & gives the most to blogger & reader. I like Facebook for keeping up with friends, & for fun--must confess I do use Twitter a smidgen, but not even daily. I can't see either as blog substitutes.

  2. Glad to hear you in it for the long run, T. Clear. I am, too. And you're right - blogging is a terrific way to link up with others around the world. It opens up conversations, camaraderie and collaborative opportunities that would never otherwise exist. All very fine and good.

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  4. We no listen to such gibberish.

    We are.

    Therefore we blog.

  5. It's heartening to hear that you all agree!

  6. I like to think that what I do is more glob than blog.

  7. So, are you going to change your user name to Globalot? ("Global Ought")
    And is your blog a photoglob? The possibilities (globabilities) are infinite!

  8. me, too.....I love it and it keeps me from being scared to write my stories (why that is, I don't know) because otherwise I wouldn't write.

  9. Checking my blog list is such a calming, fun thing for me to do with my a.m. coffee. I think there are enough people that agree and we'll keep blogs from dying out.

  10. The pressure being put on Vaquero to twitter and FaceBook is incredible.

    Someone even set up a twitter account for him.

    I get bludgeoning e-mails every day from 'friends' demanding I join facespace and friend them. ????

    We already have da List ... which P., for instance, is a member of.

    I like blogs. I mean for reading as well as for writing.

    Love, C.

  11. Yikes ~ My blog is not yet three weeks old. I hope it's not "so last year" as much as it is something that people are just figuring out how to make the best use of. I needed to think about the pros and cons before I started. It's true though; I am a bit of a late adapter ...

  12. I don't know what I'd do without mine!

  13. ah, but we all know what's happening to newspaper columns.... and newspapers....

    still, i agree with you. of course.