Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Listened to Glen Gould playing Bach today
at work. November music. I rarely listen
to classical anything when it's sunny
and cheerful. Heat = Jazz, in my book.
On my measure. In my time signature.


  1. I'm on a Rachmaninov kick: Piano Concerto No.2; Rhapsody On a Theme of Paganini,played by André Previn, London Symphony Orchestra & Vladimir Ashkenazy. This Russian knows how to play Rachmaninov!

  2. I love Ashkenazy's Rachmaninov! As for weather-related musical choices, pretty well every weather means classical to me, except when it's really, really hot and I get an urge to hear salsa, reggae, tropica.

    Glen Gould is captivating. I always lean toward the speakers, listening for his voice.

  3. For some reason I really enjoy Irish traditional music so much more during the winter months. I think it must be a link to a warm turf fire and a pub in County Mayo with friends.

  4. There's many jazzes, and many decades of jazzand I love many of them, including many latin jazzes.

    And then -- there's jazz. Thelonious Monk and Coltrane just don't work for me. Such a girl thing, I suppose, re jazz, but there you go. :)

    Signed, A Girl, Unashamed.