Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holy Day of Obligation

I did not go to mass today like a Good Citizen of Ireland but I did consume my American corned beef and cabbage. My question, however, is:
Where is the sticky toffee pudding?

I do admit to downing a handful of multi-colored sprinx purchased at the Super-Valu in Westport, Ireland, several summers ago. They tasted like oregano, cayenne, curry powder, bay leaves, sage and asofoetida. Oh, and gumbo file. Fee-lay.


  1. So what does asofoetida taste like and where does it come from?

  2. Asofoetida is an astringent; you wouldn't want to taste it as such. It usually comes in the form of a yellow powder, and as far as I can see, has no use whatsoever!

    Bon apetit, Cro.

  3. It's also a digestive aid. Apparently used in vegetarian dishes to enhance flavor and reduce flatulence. It was in the cupboard when I moved in. A mystery item from previous lives. Oh, and BTW, I just liked how the word looked on the page, although the sprinx definitely contained a certain je ne sais quoi of other pungent spice/herb flavors. A little disappointing, I must say. I mean, aren't these faux food products supposed to have a flavor/shelf life of hundreds of years? I want my money back.