Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a grand fine day.

Re: previous post

Whirled: sounds as if I stuck my head in a blender.
More accurately, I stuck my head in a bottle of wine.
I woke up today thinking: What was I thinking???
And then I decided to delete the post, but a faithful
blog reader on the other side of the planet
was already up and chipper and had left a comment.
Seemed a sacrilege to delete.
Thus it remains: awhirl, aswhirl, atwhirl.

Here's something to mark the occasion of
All Things Irish, taken last summer
in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland:


  1. Good video.....I might just open a bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

  2. Now, go visit the drunks in Chicago and Boston ... a different tune indeed.

  3. joe -- thanks for stopping by!

  4. All right, let's make plans!

  5. Hmmm... I could go for a pint of Guinness! I may go down to the Fastnet Pub tonight for a pint or two and to listen to the nightly session. Yeah, Newport, RI is pretty Irish.

  6. slainte!!

    I just spent the last few hours wandering the streets of lakewood on this fine, fine st. patrick's day - lots of folks on the sidewalks enjoying the day and themselves. 'tis a very irish town, even the greeks, slovaks, italians, african-americans, germans, and everyone else are irish for a day here!

    what a perfect video watch as I roll up my sleeves to start preparing our irish feast for this evening's dinner!

    thanks citizen k for the head's up!!

  7. And slainte backatcha! Kimmy, I just heard that you're going to be in Seattle soon -- looking forward to meeting you!