Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Third Day of Spring

It was warm today in Seattle, I'm guessing upper
60's, and at 2pm I stepped outside to take in some sun.
I looked down at the lawn which is lush and bright
with the new spring green, and hasn't yet been mowed
so was soft, and decided to lie down, arms spread out,
face tipped upward to the sky, eyes closed. I could hear
bees out and about their business, an occasional car
passing on the street, the sound of air moving in and out
of my nose. Melinda laid out beside me, same posture.
We must have looked like victims of The Yoga Murderer,
posed in eternal shavasana on the front lawn of an
urban dwelling.

But we were very much alive, as was evidenced by the
groans of sun-pleasure, of grassy glee. I desired stasis,
desired the remainder of the afternoon
to contain nothing else but this rooted green mattress,
and this ceiling of warmth.



  1. And I'm totally with you on that one, T. It was painful getting up and coming in again!

  2. Ain't spring just wonderful? Similarly over here, we're just breathing it all in, and lining our lungs with anaesthetised silk.

    Bisou, Cro.

  3. I too had spring madness yesterday. 70 degrees~! I noticed lilac buds. Unheard of in March.