Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ireland: Postcards


  1. these are so beautiful. i love postcard art, anyway. now, i love your postcard art. and..i wish my name was Dymphna. (the St. part is a stretch....)

  2. susan, we once named an apple dessert "Dympna" (minus the "h") -- Apple Dympna. Cooked on a camp stove, with a biscuit topping. I love that word/name.

  3. A friend of mine has a pet female turtle named Dymphna. Dymphna has finally been made pregnant by the male Ga'won, who she doesn't really like. She's filled with eggs. If Ga'won doesn't eat them there will be teeny tiny babie turtles soon! We are excited.

    Love, C.

  4. And I must have a weakness for a map showing a bog. An overlooked landmark or state of mind. I like these very much.

  5. Marylinn, I have a weakness for bogs, period. Have you been to Ireland? The bogs in the west seem to glow with ambers, golds, greens. I find them to be extraordinarily beautiful and can't get enough of their spongy, mossy earth.

  6. field trip!
    i grew up down the street from a bog; a cranberry bog. and as such bogs figure hugely in the landscape of my mind (oh yeah: squishy. but beautiful, muted colors...watery microhabitat, teeming with unicellular animals/wiggly plant creatures.)
    but i never saw an irish bog.....................................